Step-by-Step Guide on How to Make Your Business Covid-proof

Well, as we all know the impact of Covid-19 globally, adversely affected our personal lives, families, business houses etc. Currently, we are going through the second wave badly. Experts are already started talking about the third wave that may hit us any time.

So, I was thinking if this goes on like this, then what would be the possibilities to cover up or take care of our businesses in the future. Please remember as an owner of a business house your responsibilities are more than a normal citizen. You do not only need to take care of your family, your health, your colleagues, and of course your business operations too.

It’s time to make difficult decisions for the difficult period, especially in the pandemic. Lockdown regulations in few countries are gradually being relaxed, and employees are gradually returning to their offices. So, what can employers do to guarantee that their workplace is a safe place to work and that their employees are comfortable and safe at this time?

Small Business Prices have compiled a list of ten ideas for employers to COVID-proof their offices in order to avoid danger and preserve employees’ physical and mental health. Following the lockdown to assist small businesses in preparing for a new way of working in their offices post-lockdown.

1. Go Digital

This is the most vital and significant need for all of our companies small, medium or big corporates. During these hard times of coronavirus globally all entrepreneurs are cutting shots of marketing budgets. It is time to jump and continue through a digital network all year long with minimal budget and constant memory recall. In reality, digital media might help you achieve the best outcomes during the WFH because internet surfing and activities are at an all-time high.

Most importantly the time has come where your business needs to adapt to the current situation and start converting most of your business operations smartly through the internet. It’s time to launch our brand or business on the digital platform. We should move to internet banking/mobile banking/UPI from the regular banking or branch banking concept. Start moving towards a digital workbook from a physical copybook. Website is a must for all brands, emails are the most essential communication.

2. Use Automation Process

As we all know work from home concept is not workable for manufacturing industries and for small and medium businesses. But they also do have a different solution to work on. Many production plants are still running with the manual and lengthy process. The same Automation process has been implemented digitally in a small and medium enterprise. Now I think the time has come to optimize and switched to standardize automation process, which will help you in different ways such as

Overall better customer experience.
Encourages digital culture.
Increased profits.
Increased agility.
Improved productivity.
Reduced cost

3. Reduce Manpower in the Office

It takes time to get used to be working in a mixed workplace area with other people. Reduce the number of people accessing the office at any given moment to avoid overcrowding, especially if you have limited office space, to make it possible to follow social distancing principles.

In a simple Google sheet calendar, keep track of who is using the office at any given time. As staff ‘book’ days to work from the office, live-updating is ensured. It also ensures that you don’t have too many individuals at the office at the same time.

4. Maintain Distance between Work Stations

Review your workplace layout and, if possible, position desks further apart to ensure everybody can adhere to social distance standards while operating from their workstations. Make sure that people work side-by-side or looking away from each other instead of face-to-face by rearranging desks. A zigzag seating layout, in which team members utilizing the same desk still face each other.

But the opposing workstation as well as the ones directly beside them on either side are eliminated or left unoccupied, which could be a solution for sharing, longer tables. This permits people to share a desk from both sides while still maintaining social distance.

When seated opposite to each other, maintain a two-meter distance between every team member.

5. Mark Work Areas with Floor Tape

Distancing yourself from others is the new normal, but determining the proper distance by eye can be tricky. To make things easier, designate work zones with red flooring tape so that personnel may maintain a safe distance at all times.

6. Install Anti-Bacterial Stations

It’s never been more crucial to keep our hands clean, especially in public spaces. Please ensure you have enough hand sanitiser, antibacterial spray, throwaway tissue, and antibacterial wipes on hand. Keeping these cleaning items on each workstation, as well as in all common areas like bathrooms, kitchens, and meeting spaces, is a wonderful place to start.

7. Disinfect Common Areas Before and After Each Use.

Please ensure public areas are kept neat, so they are easy to clean with wipes and throwaway tissues. In addition to offering enough cleaning supplies for basic hygiene and workstation. Encourage staff to spray on common surfaces between uses, such as kitchen counters, lunch tables, and work seats.

8. As Reminders, Use Signage and Stickers

Although social distance and frequent handwashing have been suggested from the early days of lockdown, putting them into reality can be more difficult. Place reminder signs and stickers throughout the office to remind everyone to remain a safe distance from their co-workers. You may also buy stickers for the kitchen and bathroom that enable individuals to wash their hands for 20 seconds.

9. Think About Working Outside of Peak Hours

Returning to an enclosed working space with other individuals in the midst of a pandemic might have a negative effect on employees’ mental health. If at all possible, try allowing staff to work on a flexible hour to avoid the busiest periods on public transportation. Employees who are concerned about returning to work may find this to be a fair option.

10. Disposable Hand Towels for Toilet

Discard any common towels and substitute them with disposable alternatives such as disposable tissues and antibacterial wipes in the restrooms and kitchen to reduce bacteria cross-contamination.

11. Avoid In-Person Meetings

With a larger group of individuals, maintaining social distancing can be difficult, especially in smaller office environments. Keeping this habit is a simple approach to avoid overcrowded in office spaces and small conference rooms, as video chats have become the new normal during the lockdown. Consider adding a conference microphone and speaker in your conference rooms if you haven’t already for larger sessions and calls with multiple team members.

12. Communicate Rules to Employees Specifically

It takes some time to adjust to this new routine and return to work. Make sure that any new regulations are conveyed to the entire team.

Don’t be hesitant to remind teammates to socially distance themselves or clean up after them to keep everyone safe and secure in the office

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