Loyalty Programs

Loyalty programs are designed to encourage shoppers to revisit the store and make repeated purchases. Such programs provide incentives to the buyers in different forms. A loyalty program may give a customer rewards, coupons, gifts, etc. The main function of loyalty programs is to reward the customers for brand loyalty and provide the company with information on their customers. Information of customers making repeated purchases can be beneficial to the company as they can understand their target audience better. They can analyse this information and design schemes and offers to attract more and more of their target audience. Some of the best loyalty programs have known to help brands and small businesses to build maximum customer loyalty. Moreover, the introduction of online loyalty programs has simplified things for both the customers and the companies.

Loyalty programs have been adopted by many businesses. Right from small salons to big cafes and restaurants, a lot of businesses are benefiting from loyalty programs.

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3 Steps to your growth journey

1. Set up Reward Stamp


2. Know your customers


3. Get increased revenue