Generate More Revenue for your Business in 3 Steps

Step up Reward Stamp

Setup a Reward Stamp account for your business and start using it for free. Issue a digital reward card to your loyal customer and start rewarding them.

Know your returning customers

It is a well-known fact that returning customers give the most business. So, returning customers are the key to success in any business. Reward Stamp App gives you an ability to know your customers’ visiting frequency which helps you to know who are your loyal customers, how frequently they visit your business and most likely when will they visit again.

Get increased revenue

Knowing your customers helps to adjust your business offerings according customer’s visit pattern, which in turns increases regular customers. The more regular customers you can get, the more revenue you can generate for your business.

Download Reward Stamp App Now

Download Reward Stamp App now and start using it for free. You can also book a demo to know how Reward Stamp App is useful for your business.

Benefits of Reward Stamp

Quick and Easy

Reward Stamp App is quick to set up for any business and very easy to use. Setup your Reward Stamp App in few quick steps and easily use for your benefits.

Insight Analysis

Insight Analysis is a technology used by the big multinational organizations to analyse their customers. Now, the same technology is available to you via Reward Stamp App. Use it to gain the similar benefits enjoyed by the big businesses so far.

Increase Sales

Reward Stamp App enables you to increase returning customers by adjusting your product offering and by improving your sales strategy. Which directly helps to increase your bottom line means you get increased sales.


Reward Stamp App along Reward Cards use latest QR code technology to track cards and stamps, which is faster than using paper or plastic card.


Digital cards now directly available on customers’ smartphone, so very less chances of it is being used by someone else to get rewards. And it is also trackable unlike paper cards which doesn’t have any trail of its use.


Now your customers don’t need to worry about losing or missing their stamps anymore. Our digital cards are easily accessible and more reliable than paper or plastic cards.


Get connected to your customers through our Digital Reward Platform. Now issue new reward stamps or deduct them for redemption on the go! Your customers can stay updated all the time through their smartphones.


Reward Stamp App lets you easily communicate about your latest schemes and offers to your customers by sending notifications on their phones instantly.

Stay ahead

Say goodbye to outdated rewarding methods and stay ahead of your competitors by using fast, secure and latest rewarding technology in your business.

Start using now for free.

Start using now for free.

Download Reward Stamp App now and start using it for free. You pay
only when you grow.

Book a demo within 4 days and get upto 40% discount.

Book a demo with us to explore more about Reward Stamp App and to know how it can benefit your business.

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