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Unlimited Customers
Unlimited Reward Cards
Unlimited Stamps/Points
Unlimited sub users
Push Notification Campaign
SMS/Text Campaign
Email Campaign
Chat Messaging
Transaction Messages
Customer Analytics
Customer Data
Signup Offer
One-off Referral Offer
Recurring Referral Offers
Reward Offers
Redeem Offers
Promotional Offers
Standard Stamp Card
Customised Stamp Card
Multiple Stamp Cards
Social Media Links
Customer Segments
Automatic Events
Business Information
My App (White-label App)*
Mobile Phone Access
Tablet Access
PC/Laptop Access
Listing in Reward Cards
No hidden charges
No long contract

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No, the payment you make is either monthly- 30 days or annually- 365 days from the date of purchase. You can cancel your subscription anytime you want. 

Yes, you can change your subscription. Go to Subscription in Settings to upgrade or downgrade it.

Yes, you can set up a system to use for multiple branches or locations. And give access to your employee for those branches.

You can grant access to your employees. Go to Settings and System Users to create a user account for your employees.

Definitely, a start-up can use Reward Stamp App, we are here to help a small business to grow. Our digital reward application provides excellent marketing solutions for start-up businesses that can reap significant growth in their sales and profit from very early days. It will become your growth engine!

Use Reward Program – The Complete Guide to understand everything you need to know about the reward system. It also helps you set up Reward System for your business.

No, you don’t need to integrate Reward System with your POS system to use it for your business. But if you want to integrate then it is possible through our APIs.

Yes, we have ready-made integration available with Shopify. But if want to integrate with other e-commerce application then you can use our APIs.

You can make a payment using a Master Card/Visa  Credi or Debit card. You can also use In-app purchases in iOS and Android App.

Yes, you can set up a system to use on your own. Please refer to Reward Program – The Complete Guide to set up the system for your business. You can also watch videos here.

Yes, if you need more time for a trial then contact us at support@rewardstampapp.com to extend your trial period.

Watch the application demo on our YouTube channel.

Yes, your customer can use applications in their language. We support major languages of the world. Please install the Reward Cards application to know if it is available in your language.

Yes, there are many offers you can create in the system. And you can directly publish to your customer in the Reward Cards application, or send SMS or send an email. See the video to know more.

Yes, it is possible to convert point to coupon. This is possible from Coupons > Points to coupons. Watch the video for details.

Yes, you can link all your social media pages. All you have to do is add the link for every social media and update. Your customers will be able to view the social media pages on the Reward Cards App. See the video for details.

Yes, you can send cash coupons to your customer. Watch the video for details.

Yes, it is possible to create multiple stamp cards. For example, if you have a cafe business, you can have one for a drink and one for a meal. It is also possible to have multiple rewards on a single card, for example, if you have a haircut business then you can set up a stamp card like, collect 5 stamps and get a 50% discount on haircuts and collect 10 stamps and get a haircut for free.

Yes, you can use it from a PC, laptop, or tablet using a browser. Go to https://app.rewardstampapp.com/login to use it from the browser.

You can use the Data menu items to export customer data. See the video for details.

Yes, you can import your existing customer list to Reward Stamp App. Use Data menu items to import your customers into system.

Yes, your customers can refer their friends and family from the Reward Cards Application. All your customers will get a unique link to share with their friends and family.

Yes, you can automate it. Use Automatic Events from Automation to set up automatic birthday messages. It had many more options to set up automatic messages. Use the Automation menu item to see all the options available.

Yes, you can set an expiry for the points you give out to your customers  You can select days or months as the time limit for points. Use Point Expiry from Settings.

Yes, if your customer doesn’t want to download the Reward Cards application, you can ask for the customer’s phone number or Email address to register them on your Customer list. Watch the video for full details.

Yes, you can use your own card by scanning it or manually entering it while creating customer records in the system. Watch the video for available options.

Yes, you can white label the customer application- reward cards app. The Reward Stamp App allows you to launch your own mobile app in Google Play Store and Apple Store. It will an app with your business name. Watch the video to see details.

SMS limit is set according to your subscription package. It is unlimited but subject to a fair usage limit.