Become A Highly-Paid Independent Affiliate Partner In 90 Days Or Less

Read through some of the information on this page and click “apply” to be qualified if interested.

Watch through the above slides and click “apply” to be qualified if interested.

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You will be brought on as an Independent Affiliate Partner for Reward Stamp App to sell Reward Stamp App subscriptions to businesses.

You can earn up to 30% of sales. Our average pay out per sale is £140

Of course recurring. You will keep earning commission until either you or customer leaves us!!!

Content that is niche-specific and proven to convert is available to you.

This is paid offer at £499.

There are 2 reasons for this charge. First and most important is, it shows your commitment. It helps us to filter out time wasters. And second reason is we spend time and money for your training in initial time.

You will be assigned territory based on your location and timezone.

The close rate is likely to converge to 30% within 6 months.

For the best results, full time and energy required. Working part-time or along with other activities will result in a slower ramp.

You can do this part-time and earn a reasonable income, however, if you apply full time effort, you will ramp faster than someone only doing part time and you are likely to earn more than someone working part time.

You do not. Someone without previous experience do just as well as with someone with previous experience.

We believe that the act of practicing true salesmanship includes not only closing but prospecting (drumming up your own opportunities). The combination of these two activities is called end-to-end selling.

We will be training you on the most current and effective prospecting techniques where you will learn the toolset, the mindset, and the skill set necessary for success.

You will get a chance to practice in a controlled environment where you will become proficient in prospecting.

Once proficiency in prospecting is proven, you will be trained for closing (the process of turning an opportunity into a deal).

This training is derived from the trenches – not the Mickey-Mouse, don’t want to break any plates, “oh my gosh, I actually closed a deal, how dare I” type of training. Your close rate will be expected to be at least 30% and you will be expected to be consistent.

Ramping to proficiency requires adherence to ramping activities. Ways in which we ensure adherence to these activities include:

1. The use of group support calls, where you can communicate with managers and other reps in a live environment.
2. The use of a private group feed, where you can quickly get your specific questions answered in a private environment.

Commission-based-end-to-sales is one of the best and only vehicles in which to quickly earn an extremely-high income for someone who didn’t win the parent lottery or who are starting with not much capital. 

It is not uncommon for proficient end-to-end salespeople to earn £100k+ in their first year and more in subsequent years. 

There are cases where reps don’t ramp fully, or where reps are unable to apply focus to ramping which results in mediocre income for those reps. 

However, the ball is in the rep’s court and the rep can decide what type of rep they want to be and how much they want to earn by adjusting their focus and level of discipline. 

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