New Customer – Using unique number/ID

To create a new customer using some unique number or ID follow the below steps

  • Tap on New Customer on the home page.
  • Tap Using Unique number/ID
  • Enter customer name and a unique number.  See below for more information about the unique number.
  • Tap on Save. You will see a confirmation of customer creation.

After a new customer is created you will see the customer detail information screen. Here you can insert additional information like their birthday,

Here, a unique number or ID can be any no. or code that can be used to identify the customer. Example: NI Number or UTI in the UK, SSN in the USA, Aadhaar card and PAN card number in India, and so on.

Once customer record is created, we would recommend to share link to reward cards, so they can download it. This is help to keep reward process transparent and easy for you and your customer.