Share – Share with customer

If you want to created new customer and they don’t have Reward Cards App, then you can send them message with link. This link not only used to download Reward Cards App, but also to create new card for them.

Follow below step to share link with your customer.

– Tap on Share on Home screen.
– Tap on Share with customer on popup menu.
– Share as per the contact information available to you. For example on email, SMS/Text message, WhatsApp etc.

Once customer receive you message they have follow below step to create new card.

– Tap on link in message.
– If your customer does not have Reward Cards app in their phone then it will open option to download app.
– After Reward Cards App is downloaded, they have to create their login using same email or mobile number.
– Once Reward Cards App is ready the they are logged in, they have to tap again on same link they receive in message to create new card.
– After this they should see your card appears on their card list.