How to create offer?

1. Login to Analytical Dashboard. Use your organisation code and your admin password to login. To get organisation code, tap on Setting in Reward Cards App >> tap on Organisation Information >> Tap on Organisation Code.

Link to Analytical Dashboard in https://server02.rewardstampapp.com/analytical-dashboard/

2. Clink on Offer menu item in left side.

3. There are two types of offers. Reward Offer and Redeem Offer. Click on relevant offer to create it.

Reward Offers: It is created when you want to give reward point based on offers. For example “Get double points on purchase of item A”. Or “Get 2 points for each purchase” or “Get extra points if you purchase more items worth more than £100”

Redeem Offer: It is created when you want customers to redeem points based on offer. For example “Buy 5 coffee and get 1 free” Or “Collect 100 points and get a 10% discount”

4. Click on Add Redeem Offer or Add Reward Offer based on the option you have selected in the previous screen.

5. Enter the required information and click on the Save button to complete the process. You will received confirmation on offer creation.