Offers – Stamp Card

Stamp Card is used if you are running the Stamp System. This option is used to create a stamp card which can be used to stamp on offers you are running for that card. Once the card is created you give a stamp for a selected offer to your customer.

Follow the below steps to create a new Stamp Card.

  • Tap on Offer on the Home screen.
  • Tap on the Stamp card offer in the pop-up menu. This will open the Stamp Card screen.
  • Tap on the plus icon to create a new card.
  • There are two options to create a stamp card
  • Single Reward Offer Card: In this card, there is only one reward for customers receiving the required stamps.
  • Multi Reward Offer Card: In this card, customers can receive more than one reward on receiving the required stamps for each reward.

Enter Card Title,  Offer Title (for the multi-offer card), and the number of stamps required to receive a reward. Complete the form with the terms and conditions you set for the offer.
Tap on Preview to see the card on how it will be displayed on your customer’s screen. Lastly, tap on Save to save the card.