This is main menu item at bottom of the screen is used to navigate on Home page of the app. On Home your all the major options available which you can use with our app. See below some of the available options from home page.

  • New Customer – This option is used to create new customer. You have many options to create customer.
  • Reward – This option is used to give Reward Stamp or Reward Point to customer.
  • Redeem – This option is used to Redeem Stamp or Point which customer has accumulated over period of time.
  • Offers – This option is to used manage offers from your organisation. There are various type of offers you can create like Reward Offer, Redeem Offer, Promotional Offer or Stamp Card offer depending on your subscription type.
  • Messages – This option lets you send message to your customer. There are various type of message options available like Mobile Notification, SMS/Text Message or Email Message.
  • Share – This option lets your share link with your customer to create new card or download app.
  • Reports – With this option you can see various reports.
  • Data – You can manage your customer data using this option.
  • Help and Support – This option lets you read help documents, see support videos or contact use via support ticket.