What is Reward Stamp?

Reward Stamp App is an application that is specially designed for small and medium businesses to help them in running their loyalty programs. This app is an effective tool for increasing your customers. Our application enables you to issue digital reward/loyalty cards to your customers. Also, our app enables you to keep a track on your customers’ visit patterns which would help you in taking smart and effective business decisions.

How does Reward Stamp works?

Setup your Reward Stamp App and ask your customers to download Reward Cards App. After that, you can issue your digital reward card which is available to your customers on their smartphone. They can then use the digital card and you can use Reward Stamp App to scan it and reward them. Please see How it Works page for more details.

What are the benefits of using digital stamp card?

Digital Stamp Card is the one of the best solution to keep the Reward Cards which is issued to your customers, digitized and organised on smartphone. It is one of the most sought and useful solutions for small and medium and big businesses. Apart from digitizing the rewarding process, it has several other benefits to fine tune your products and services. Please visit the Benefits of Reward Stamp App section to know the all benefits of Reward Stamp App.

Do I need to give payment details to start using it?

No need to give any payment details to use it. You can start using it for FREE. You only pay us when you grow.

Can I use it for my multiple shops location?

Yes, you can use it for multiple shop locations. Simply enter your brand location details and you are ready to go!