Reports – Summary Report

Summary report summarize the data for given period if more then one period is selected.

Example: If Day Report is selected and date filter is selected for 5 days then it will show average numbers for each hour for all days. That means it sums up the numbers for each day in the date selection and divides it by the number of days between date and to date. If you choose only one date on from date and to date then it will be similar to Details Report for that day.

Similarly, Week Report gives an average for each day that is selected. If 3 weeks are selected in from date and to date then it will sum the number for each day of the week and divide number by 3 for 3 weeks.

There are four variations of summary report.

  • Day Report – Shows hourly summary report. (1-24 hours report)
  • Week Report – Shows weekday summary report. (Monday to Sunday report)
  • Month Report – Shows day-wise report for a whole month. (Day 1 to last day of the month – 28/29/30/31)
  • Year Report – Shows month-wise report for a whole year. (January to December)