New Customer – Using Reward Cards Profile

We recommend you should always use this method to created new customer.

This option can only be used if customer has downloaded Reward Cards App and already logged in to Reward Cards App.

To create new customer using Reward Cards profile follow below steps.

  • – Tap on New customer on Home screen.
  • – Tap on using Reward Cards Profile.
  • – Ask you customer to open Reward Cards app on their phone and open the Profile QR code.
  • – Scan the Reward Cards Profile by holding QR code under QR code card scanner on your phone.
  • – You will get confirmation on customer creation. Customer will see your card created on their Reward Cards App. If they down see it then ask them to refresh the screen by just swiping down on home page.

After new customer is created you will see customer detail information screen. Here you can insert additional information if your have them other wise you can skip this screen.

If you use this method to create new customer and customer allows to receive notification then you send mobile notification to their mobile phone.