How to create new customer?

Option 1: Customer has already installed Reward Cards App and logged in.

1. Tap on Card User menu and Tap on + icon on the top left corner.

2. Ask your customer to open their Profile screen in Reward Cards App. And scan their profile number. You can also enter the card number manually if it is not scanning.

3. Tap on Send New Card button to complete the process. You will get confirmation message on process completion.

4. Your card will appear on customer mobile device. In case it does not appear automatically, ask your customer to refresh the screen. Swipe down to refresh.

Option 2: Customer has not installed Reward Cards App and ready to install Reward Cards App.

1. Tap on Share icon (icon here) on top left corner.

2. Select one of the available share option. (SMS/Text, WhatsApp, Email etc)

3. On the next screen enter required information (Email or Mobile number etc).

4. Your customer will receive your message to install and create card them self.

5. Customer will click on link in your message. This will take them to install Reward Cards App. Then customer will install the Reward Cards App.

6. Once customer installs the app, they will click again on the same link your sent them. After them click on link new card will be created for them. And they can see it on their phone. It may required to refresh their card list.

Option 3: Customer has not installed Reward Cards App and don’t want to install Reward Cards App.

TODO: Updated this section after this option is available.