Can I use it for my multiple shops location?

Yes, you can use it for multiple shop locations. Simply enter your branch or location details and you are ready to go!

However,  you need to use paid subscription to be able to add multiple location(s).

To add multiple locations,  please follow below steps.

  • – Tap on Setting
  • – Tap on Organisation Information
  • – Tap on Branches. Here you will see list of all branches, if already added them
  • – Tap on plus icon to add more branch (location).
  • – Input new branch details and tap on Save.

Now your branch is ready to be used. To add user to branch follow below steps.

  • – Tap on branch you want to update.
  • – Tap on Update branch users menu item. Here you will see list of users who has access to selected branch.
  • – Tap on Plus icon to add more user to branch.
  • – Select user from drop down and tap on Save. You will get confirmation of user addition to branch.

Now added user can access selected branch.