Automation – Customer Segments

This feature helps you divide your customer segments for better effective results.

If you want to, How many customers have birthday in “X” month

  1. Automation >> Customer Segments
  2. Select the kind of segment you want to create
    • New customers in “n” days
    • Visited “X” times in “n” days
    • Not visited in “n” days
    • Spent “X” in “n” days
    • Birthday in “n” days
    • Birthday in “X” month
    • Anniversary in “n” days
    • Anniversary in “X” month
    • By gender
    • by profession
    • Rewarded “X” stamps in “n” days
    • Redeemed “X” stamps in “n” days
    • Stamps expire in “n” days
    • Ready to redeem “X” offer

3. Enter “X” / “n”
4. Submit, the segment is created!