Automation – Automatic Events

Automatic events mean you can send a notification/email or a text on a specific event. This feature particularly can help you send the message before or after the event you selected.

The options you will see are

  • “n” Days before day (DD/MM) – Birthday
  • “n” Days after day (DD/MM) – Birthday
  • “n” Days before day (DD/MM) – Anniversary
  • “n” Days after day (DD/MM) – Anniversary
  • “n” Days after day (DD/MM) – Card Created Date
  • “n” Days after date (DD/MM/YY) – Visit Date
  • “n” Days before stamp expiry
  • “x” stamps collected in “n” days
  • “x” Stamp Offer is ready to redeem

If you want to, How many customers have collected “X” stamps in “N” days:

  1. Enter the number of stamps (X)

    Eg. 10 stamps

  2. Enter the number of days (N)

    Eg. 15 days

  3. Select your mode of communication

    Eg. Email

  4. Enter the details of our message

    Subject Line: Collected Stamps
    Message: Dear Customer,
    You have 10 collected stamps in your account in the past 15 days, please visit the store to redeem your stamps.